Vehicle Media

Car dealerships agree that high quality video and imagery helps to achieve better prices and enables a faster turnaround on stock.

At Motorclean, our end to end Video+ service and professional imaging ensures that the vehicle is captured whilst in its best condition – immediately after valeting.

We offer a simple, hassle-free solution that gives you a complete vehicle imaging solution – and as you’d expect from Motorclean, it’s all designed to meet your objectives, preferences and budget.

  • Outstanding video and image quality
  • Daily onsite imaging resource
  • Service tailored to meet all brand standards
  • Media uploaded within 24 hours
  • Effortless access to a vast target audience
  • Fully managed process
  • Proven track record of increased vehicle sales
Agreed benefits are clear over costs 100%
Quality media helped achieve a better price 83%
Quality media helped move stock faster 100%
Customers trust media to be truthful 92%